Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is nice little town on mid north coast of New South Wales

It’s great peaceful place if you need a break from hectic life and time to just relax and enjoy.

We stayed at Rydges and it was a great experience. The location of hotel is great with convenient parking facilities.

I must say hotel staff are very welcoming and helpful. With our toddler, we needed some milk late at night and staff at reception were helpful in providing some milk and warming it up for us for our little one. Customer service at its best from check in through to check out of hotel

On our way to Port Macquarie we did a quick stop at Andy’s Cherry Pie Cafe. This place is a must visit and must try their cherry pie. It’s great location with easy parking and you can let your toddler run around and stretch out after long drive. Great friendly staff, nice coffee and good spot to refresh and continue your journey…





Trip to Mid North Coast – NSW

After much of stressful time with child care and settling into new working routine we needed some break away from home just to have some time to relax and enjoy…

We decided to go on a short holiday with a long drive from Sydney > Port Macquarie > Coffs Harbour. Its about 400km from Sydney to Port Macquarie and then Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour is about 160km. This was the first trip with little one and we were nervous how he is going to manage sitting in the car for this long drive.

It was as if carrying half bedroom for little one with pretty much every need and want taken care of to make his journey pleasant and relaxing. We did have couple of breaks to relax ourselves as well as give little one some break from sitting constantly.

Fortunately throughout the drive he was good and didn’t get upset too much for sitting in one place.

More on each of these destinations in next post…

Child Care Centre

After our little one was born – almost entire year went past with initially in-laws visiting us and then us visiting India to do meet and greet with all family members. Once we returned back, then TP’s sister and her husband visited us. This time was full of excitement and happy days.

After this time, it was time to get back to reality. TP was to return to work and our little bub was to start going to child care center.

This was new phase of life for all of us with lot of heart break moments and guilty feelings.

Everyone told us to be prepared for a turbulent time of around 3 months from the moment little one starts going to child care center. This is so true.

In early stages, little one went through so much separation anxiety and crying…it was stressful for all of us to go through this stage. Fortunately, the staff at child care center are well trained to calm these kids and make them feel comfortable. This helped comfort and build connection with child educators at this center.

As little one was gradually settling down, then came the round of sickness. With so many kids playing around and getting infected with various infections, little one went through large cycles of sickness until level of immunity was built up.

All of this took a bit of toll on little one’s health, combined with growth and learning. This added stress and worry on us whether he was eating well, doing well with other kids and educators and whether he is being looked after and cared well at the center.

Fortunately the educators were very cooperative and helpful through out this process of transition and happy to answer your calls and requests several times a day without getting upset at you.

It was indeed good 3-4 months where we went through a roller coaster of our life with sickness, stress, anxiety, feeling guilty and trying to manage work life balance. Oh not to mention the sleep less nights which added more stress. What keeps you going is your patience and perseverance… or

as the famous quote or the song has it

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”

Parenting – First Time

In early 2015 we were blessed with our little bundle of joy – Its a Boy!!

Life has been super busy and exciting ever since addition of little family member…

It’s amazing to see how thinking quickly changed from thinking about us to just thinking about this cute little kid. Anything and everything in our lives now revolves around him. He is now just over 2 years old and everyday has been a learning curve for us as well as him.

As an adult; parenting has taught us new lessons of life.

Whilst lessons of life are important and challenging, when you see smile on little one’s face; it washes off all troubles of your life in a second…

I have learnt that you need incredible amount of patience no matter what happens. Rest assured there will be several testing times to test your patience and it never stops

Keep a cool and calm head. This is important not only for you for little one too. You could easily lose your temper when you see certain things not the way you need or have been doing or want little one to do. If you lose it, first it will freak little one out and second you will set a bad example on little one and he will learn to behave that way in similar situations.

Be Positive, no matter what happens just stay positive in every situation.

Don’t have any expectations about anything and deal with every situation as it unfolds. Being proactive will ease this pressure

Certainly once we had this kid, it does take lot of planning and organizing in every household task.

Whilst life becomes little complex , it also becomes lot more happy, exciting and gives a new direction to your life. It completes your family and makes it a home sweet home 🙂

On a funny note, I read somewhere:

If you hate your job, get a mortgage and if you still hate your job, have kids – In certain ways this is true


Kidney Stones

Since October I had started my permanent job and things had started getting back to normal. TP and I had kind of moved on from our past tough time and looking forward to bit settled future.

I was happy with new workplace and it was back to normal work routine and daily chores of life.

Close to Xmas break we were looking forward to our holidays and bit relaxing time and to cherish good times.

In middle of night, I woke up with severe pain starting from back of ribs and going downwards. I initially thought I must have had dislocated some nerve while sleeping and it will settle down soon. Within few minutes I was in so much pain that I couldn’t handle myself. Didn’t understand to stand, sit or sleep and tried every posture to get comfort but all attempts were in vain. I had no idea what was going on except understanding there was killing pain.

With pain getting severe, TP decided to call our neighbours and requested them to take me to emergency department of hospital. Fortunately hospital is only about 15 minutes drive from our place, we quickly reached there and nurse took me in by looking at severe pain. They did some blood tests, blood pressure test and straightaway injected pain killers.

In few minutes, pain had settled down and I was feeling drowsy. Later on a doctor came and spoke to me about the symptoms of pain and straightaway told me its pain of kidney stone moving. She also explained to me various other symptoms and effects of pain other people may notice. I was also asked to get a CT scan done to check location of stone. CT scan showed there was one stone measuring 5mm and it was out of kidney and travelling downwards.

Here is more information just in case if you are interested Kidney Stones

Whatever Happens, Happens for Good

So just before I had quit my job, we were getting interior of house done. We had chosen to get some funds out of our home loan account.

After talking to our banking person, we had told her we only wanted required funds to be taken out and didn’t want any surplus funds. She did recommend take the surplus out and if you don’t need it later just put it back or leave it and won’t make any difference. I was still adamant I didn’t need any more.  With all this paperwork was signed and sent to bank for processing.

After few weeks this paperwork has still going through bank and things took negative turn at my work place and I decided to quit. After few weeks these funds came through from bank.

While job search was going on, there was always that concern of financial stability in back of our minds. To take this pressure off and in-spite of me requesting only required funds, bank chose to give us surplus money. These surplus funds took that concern and pressure away. This was one big relief while we were going through some challenging time.

When this happened, I thought and said to myself what if bank had only given us requested money, surely it was good enough, but surely we would have financial concerns growing until I found a proper job.

Then I realised the words of luck & destiny, “whatever happens, happens for good” you only realise the reason after the chain of events have happened and you look back at the time

Career Step 9 – Wednesday once again!!

After almost 3 months of working at this place I started to see real problems of this business. As it was a family owned business, owners were really lazy bunch of people and worked and spent business money the way they wanted. As a result company was growing its debts, operationally losing money and all suppliers and customers had started going away from them.

Without much control, they wanted me to turn this situation around and potentially save this company. My initial thoughts were still the same and I was now more confident I need to play with time and move on from this place as soon as possible.

I was still applying for positions on daily basis and going for interviews every now and then. Just before my 3  months probation was up, I had a very good opportunity come up and I made every attempt to get across this. This role was in a huge company and lot a senior position I was looking for. In a way just the position and work place I had been looking for.

First round of interviews happened and within 2 days I was invited for second round of interviews. At this stage it was a decision to be made between me and 1 other candidate. I was really hoping for a positive outcome here. After second interview which happened on Monday, I was told I will get final decision by Tuesday as the manager involved was going overseas on Wednesday. My entire Tuesday was spent in nervous wait and leaving several emails and messages for recruiter. Nothing happened on Tuesday and I started losing hopes.

On Wednesday morning, with mood-less and de-motivated mind I returned to work, thinking another good opportunity is lost. Around 10am I received call from my recruiter and I expected, he is just going to inform me that I didn’t make it. I answered his call without any interest or hope, he chatted with me for about 15 minutes and tried to gauge my interest and desperation for this role and later on told – Congratulations you’ve got this role!!

It was biggest sigh of relief and finally some positive news after few months of instability! I was extremely happy with the outcome, position, company and pay was everything that I was aiming for.